Start up package

Who this service is best for

This is the best way to get started and would suit those with limited nutrition knowledge, or those who already possess good nutrition knowledge and are ready to work with a professional to set some goals, act on those goals, evaluate and ensure they adjust accordingly to achieve their aims.

Service description

This package involves an initial assessment of your current diet practices, your training schedule and your athletic goals. From this I will make recommendations on how to better align your nutritional intake to achieve what you desire. This may be through an adjustment of your existing eating patterns if you are almost on track, or it may be a complete overall of what you are currently doing. I will provide an eating plan as well as any educational resources which I feel will help you achieve your best. Although we can make quite accurate calculations based on the information we discuss and your diet and weight history, everybody is different. So the best way to achieve desired results is to; 1-plan, 2-implement, 3-evaluate & 4-adjust. Therefore as part of this package we will also schedule follow up appointments (or you can simply send me an email or text as often as you like) within the moth following the implementation of the initial plan to discuss how your body has responded to the changes we have implemented. From here we will adjust the diet plan depending on whether or not you are heading in the right direction. For example if your goal is fat loss and you are losing weight too quickly we can adjust the plan to ensure you continue to lose weight but preserve muscle mass. Or if you are not losing weight fast enough, we can ensure that you are on track to make weight for your upcoming fight.

The process and what you get

  • I will collect detailed diet, training and lifestyle information
  • I will make contact with you to confirm any additional details
  • I will construct a diet plan for you based on your training schedule and your goals
  • I will provide a consultation to discuss the plan and answer any questions you have about how to implement the plan
  • You then implement the plan
  • We will then remain in contact over the next month (frequency will depend on your needs and what you want) to evaluate how the plan is working and whether or not we need to adjust