Weight cutting blueprint

absWho this service is best for

This service is for fighters who are serious about competing and want structured advice and support to ensure they have everything in place to enable them to execute their weight cut efficiently and effectively.

Service description

This package involves an assessment of your current diet, training, lifestyle patterns & your fight/competition requirements. From here we will work together to construct a detailed day by day 14 day plan for you to follow during your weight cut. You will be fully supported through this process and evaluated throughout to ensure you’re on track. In addition to the weight cut itself, you will provided with a personalised detailed plan for recovery post weigh in to ensure your are at your absolute best once you step into ring/cage.

 The process and what you get

  • I will collect detailed diet, training and lifestyle information
  • I will make contact with you to confirm any additional details
  • I will construct a detailed 2 week weight cut plan for you based on your training schedule and your goals. This plan will be broken down into 2 x 1 week blocks
  • I will provide a consultation to discuss the plan and answer any question you have about how to implement the first week of the plan
  • You then implement the plan
  • I will contact you after 3-4 days to ensure you are on track and make any adjustments necessary
  • I will then make contact with you again at the end of the first week to discuss the second week of the weight cut plan.
  • You will have access to unlimited email/phone support throughout this entire process
  • I will make contact with you on weigh in day to ensure you are on track and to make sure you understand the recovery plan